img_1965In 1986 Games Workshop released Blood Bowl, the game of fantasy football. This board game pitted teams of Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs and Chaos warriors against each other in an ultra violent version of American football. The game was designed by Jervis Johnson and featured art by 2000AD’s Brett Ewins. Being a big fan of Games Workshop products, I bought my copy on the day of release from my local hobby shop and have remained a fan ever since!

The game had it’s 5th edition launched last year and also has app and pc versions available to play. Now Titan Comics have released Blood Bowl – More Gut’s, More Glory, a 4 issue comic series written by Black Library author Nick Kyme and illustrated by DC comics artist Jack Jadson.

When I found out the comic was being worked on I had a crazy idea. What if I pitched a funny back up strip to be included in the back of the comic? And what if I kept my own humour comic style of art and writing? Would a Blood Bowl / Beano style mash up work?

TOUCHDOWN! I’m pleased to say both Titan Comics and Games Workshop thought it would work and so I was thrilled to be invited to create a strip for the Blood Bowl comic as long as it featured Goblins and Snotlings! Perfect!


Gitruk’s Dirty Tactiks was pitched as the back up and now appears for the first time in issue 2 of Blood Bowl from Titan Comics and is due to feature in the remainder of the series. The stories follow the season of the useless, cheating Goblin coach of the Moshington Greenskinz, Gitruk. It’s all a bit silly and a stupid amount of fun to work on.

Here is some of the art from the pitch and some works in progress.


Initial character designs for Gitruk, Snotling and Wizard Gizzard.


Sample art done to see if the art style would work


Original pencils before edits 


Inks, you can see slight changes to the characters after suggestions from GW. 

If you’re a Blood Bowl fan do pick up a copy of the comic from your local comic shop and it’s also available digitally on ComiXology.


Crikey! It seems my last blog post was back in January! Where does the time go?

Well time plays a part in the absence of updates on this page, in fact time travel.

Since being back at the drawing board after the Christmas break I have been very busy illustrating a brand new 8 book series for Badger Learning, TIME TREK.


Time Trek is written by Scream Street author Tommy Donbavand and follows the adventures of two children, Spike and Mia as they chase Spike’s uncle Dr Darius Dire through time as he seeks to steal famous historical artefacts for his museum.

The books are bright, bold, colourful and loads of fun and are designed to get reluctant readers reading!

Spike and Mia chase Dr Dire and his grumpy cat Igor through lot’s of exciting time periods, and include encounters with Julius Caesar, Vincent Van Gogh, Cleopatra and William Shakespeare.

Working as the illustrator on these books was immense fun, I had a blast designing the cast of characters and drawing cartoon versions on the famous historical figures. I particularly enjoyed drawing War Over Waterloo featuring of course Emperor Napoleon Boneparte.

Napoleon1 copy

Napoleon loses his temper with Dr Dire!

We also deviated slightly from being entirely historically accurate, when Dr Dire attempts to steal Excalibur!

King Arthur

Spike and Mia meet the Knights of the Round Table.

All the artwork for the series was pencilled, inked and coloured using iPad pro and an apple pencil. Above you can see the process in 3 stages. Working this way really does streamline the whole process and particularly helps when working to a tight deadline.

I really enjoy working on the Badger titles, this one being my 3rd book series for them. I hope they prove popular and I am able to do some more.

As well as the illustrations I also designed the masthead for the title. Those graphic design skills still come in handy!

Here is a preview of all the book covers, they will be available soon so I hope you will check them out!


Watch this space for some news about another time travel related project I’ve been working on too!


I was excited to receive copies of the brand new book series I was working on towards the end of last year. Strange Town is a collection of 8 books written by Danny Pearson and illustrated by yours truly!

Published by Badger Learning, the books follow the adventures of Eva, Logan and sausage dog Otis, as they investigate the strange goings on in Strange Town.


The Strange Town team encounter a whole host of interesting characters during their adventures. They give Bigfoot a make over, help a norse god get fit and even fend off an alien invasion!


The books are designed to appeal to reluctant readers and are available to order now from Badger’s website here.

I had a blast illustrating these books and I really hope young readers will have a blast reading them too!


The eight, 32 page books in the set are titled: Bigfoot Rescue, Extra Time, Going Underground, Rubbish Invasion, Shopping Spree, Thor Next Door, The Space Kitten, The Iron Stones.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pay a visit to Strange Town!



Quite often I am commissioned to illustrate puzzles to accompany a particular story that is due to appear in an upcoming issue of everyone’s favourite weekly kids comic, The Beano. Recently though I pitched a few ideas of my own including a spooky Bash Street Kids maze called, Night of the WereWilf!


Now with a certain spooky night fast approaching I’m pleased to say that my WereWilf character has made an appearance in the current issue. Not only on the puzzle page but also growling on the polythene gift bag and most surprisingly to me, starring in this weeks Bash Street Kids strip, written by Andy Fanton with art by Mychalio Krazybird and Bambos Georgio. So this is the first time one of my puzzles has become a comic strip story.

There is still time to grab a copy NOOOOOOOOOOW!

WereWilf growling on this issues gift bag.

WereWilf growling on this issues gift bag.

WereWilf appears in this weeks Bash Street Kids story.

WereWilf appears in this weeks Bash Street Kids story.

Night of the WereWilf puzzle page

Night of the WereWilf puzzle page

strange-town-teaserWell things have been getting a bit strange around here lately. I am currently very busy scribbling a brand new series of books for publisher Badger Learning. The series follows friends Logan and Eva and doggy companion Otis as they encounter all manner of weird and wonderful characters and mysterious stuff. It’s all very exciting and I’m having great fun bringing these adventures to life and working with author Danny Pearson. The books are due to be released in January 2017. you can read all about the series here..

beanosIn other news The Beano comic has had a bit of a revamp, some new snazzy design work and a new masthead but otherwise business as usual. I’ve been carrying on illustrating puzzles regularly for the comic which I enjoy, it allows me to draw a lot of the lead characters. has also had a facelift and I am pleased to say some of my work has made it on there too. You can currently read a few episodes of Time for Toots online here..

That’s all for now!