Happy birthday Daredevil Dad!

Wow, it’s a year ago today that I created my first original comic character to be published by The Dandy comic.

Up until that point in time, I had never considered myself a humour comics artist, but with the impending bold re-vamp of the UK’s longest running weekly comic I was invited to pitch some ideas.

Daredevil Dad was my second submitted character and only the second character drawn in the style I have now adopted as my signature drawing style. My first submitted idea never got a response but I do have plans for that so I won’t reveal it’s identity just yet.

Daredevil Dad first sketch submitted to The Dandy

Daredevil Dad had a 6 week run beginning in The Dandy issue 3524. You can see the first story artwork over on the comics page of this site. The character was part of a new line up of characters taking part in an online poll called “Strictly Come Laughing”. Sadly he didn’t win the competition, that accolade was taken by Dandy comic stalwarts Harry and his Hippo re-invented by Andy Fanton.

So poor Daredevil Dad was ousted never to return. I would however love to try and bring him back, I’m very fond of him and it’s a shame to see a strong concept go to waste. If you enjoyed his adventures it would be great to hear your comments and who knows, maybe one day he could return.


In the meantime look out for my new comic strip appearing in The Dandy very soon! News on that nearer the time.

  1. I also hope it will be back…
    it was a shame you were up against Harry and his hippo..
    Maybe you should of called it Have a go Joe:)

    • sjbeckettdesign said:

      Tough competition from all fronts really. It would be interesting to find out what the editor thought about the contest.

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