Had a go at drawing Dandy star Korky the Cat for the first time ever yesterday! I can’t quite believe I’ve not drawn him before. It was mainly an exercise for me to practice inking in Adobe Illustrator, I was pleased with the results and turned the drawing into a nifty little poster. (see below). I took my cues from Korky’s current incarnation designed by Phil Corbett.

The Dandy crew have been having a bit of fun drawing the classics this week and putting some nice promotional art together to give The Dandy a bit of a push in response to a lot of negative criticism flung at the title, and sadly a few of the creators over the last few days. You can see some of the work over on the Dandy’s facebook page.

The Dandyis flying the flag for new british humour comics. It’s original, daring and brave in it’s commitment to supporting new cartoonists. Give it some love guys!

  1. Phil Creighton said:

    Lovely pic! Love the way you’ve made Korky smile.

    • sjbeckettdesign said:

      Thanks Phil, I had fun drawing him.

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