Ray’s a knock out in the jungle

It’s Wednesday, it’s Dandy day. This week Ray Fears is in the jungle hunting Ka Ka.

With only one more Ray strip to go it’s about time I got some more stuff commissioned. So see ya later, I’m off to pitch some more ideas!



Art © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd.


  1. One left?! Crikey! He didn’t last too long! Shame. I liked him. 😦

    How about re-pitching Daredevil Dad? 😉

    – Harry Rickard

  2. sjbeckettdesign said:

    I know, pants eh?
    As for Daredevil Dad, I’ve asked the question, the l response I got was, they don’t want to run any new characters at the moment????

    I also found out that no one has requested a return for Sea Dogs 😦 but, no one has said they don’t like it ,which is good, I suppose 🙂

    If you make your thoughts known directly to the Ed then who knows, perhaps Dad may return. I don’t think sticking stuff on FB does much good though, needs to be emails I reckon. Cheers for your support Harry!

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