Meet Frosty!

It’s December the first and I guess the countdown to Christmas starts today!

The Dandy have also started the celebrations and this week sees the debut of my new comic creation ‘FROSTY, He’s Sno angel!’ This new menace on the block, sure knows how to give his neighbors the shivers! I really enjoyed doing these strips and fans of earlier, more traditional DC Thomson humour comics may find this strip much to their liking. The character will run for 3 weeks over the Christmas period. Now I’m busy dreaming up some new characters to impress the ED!

This weeks Dandy is also one of the funniest issues I read since last years revamp, Wilbur Dawbarns, ‘Mr Meecher’, ‘Nuke Noodle’ by Alexander Matthews and Nigel Auchterlounie’s ‘My Freaky Family’ being particular highlights for me.

With a bit of a price hike to £1.99 The Dandy is still the best value for money on the comic shelves.



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