Surviving Comics!

Happy New Year folks!

I’m really happy to be heading into 2012 with lots of exciting projects to work on.

 I’m currently writing and drawing 3 new comic strips for the 2013 Dandy Annual. I have the pleasure of bringing back a real oldie from the Dandy archives, and I’m having great fun. So thanks to Dandy Ed, Craig Graham for offering me the gig.
Another bit of comic news, something that may be of interest to Dandy fans and UK comic historians/archivists is the return of my bushcraft hero Ray Fears. Not to the pages of The Dandy though! Ray is embarking on a reprint run in the latest issue of Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine.

And also joining Ray Fears is a new character created for the mag. Burp Grylls! Who will be guiding us through the more unpleasant aspects of bush tucker foraging and well… burping a lot!

All this and some up coming work on a new Book of Hope for UCB UK is keeping me busy, busy, busy.


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