Big blog catch up!

Time for a bit of a catch up on the blogging front. It’s been a bit quiet around these parts of late. The reason being, I’ve been really busy. Putting in some long hours on various projects. So here I am ready to spill the beans on a few of the things I’ve been working on.

First up: Gimme a Burger.
I was fortunate enough to win the contract to design a mascot for a new Burger restaurant now open in sunny Florida, Gimme a Burger. The character we collectively arrived at was Jimmie deWolf.
This job quickly bloomed into a lot more work, as I found myself designing menus, adverts, poster boards and the website. Most fun of all was producing some comics to advertise the place. Here is the first comic below…


Artwork copyright ©Gimme a Burger

Next up was The Dandy Annual 2013 which has been an absolute blast to work on this time around. I’ve mentioned it briefly before on the blog and I still don’t want to disclose which characters I have been writing and drawing for. I will say that the book looks as though it’s going to be a real homage to the Dandy’s rich history and some real blasts from the past are set to return. One of the characters I’ve worked with is a real oldie in every sense of the word. None of this character’s strips have yet to be added to DC Thomson’s digital archives, and I had to ask for some scans of a few of the original strips to be emailed over to me to jog my memory about what the character was all about. I couldn’t find anything about him online at all!
The second Dandy annual character is a real classic and has appeared more recently. In fact he was in the 2012 annual although this is the first time I’ve got to work with him! I hope to do more it was great fun.
Anyway without giving away the characters identities (I know, I’m mean aren’t I!) I’ve included  a couple of sneak peaks…
This coming Wednesday The Dandy should carry a trailer for my next series for the weekly, which will start the following week. Can’t wait to talk about this one, it’s very exciting! The issue it launches in will also have the characters starring on the front cover!
So along with this new series and a couple more new strips in production I should be sticking around in The Dandy for a while now. If you haven’t checked the comic out yet then please do, it really is a cracking read. Very funny, fresh, bright and original. Available from newsagents and supermarkets (I get mine in ASDA!) or subscribe direct from DC Thompson online for only a pound per issue! WINNER!
So I should be back soon with news of that new Dandy strip later in the week. Stay tuned folks!
Artwork copyright ©DC Thompson & Co ltd.
  1. Hurrah! Great to hear you’ve been keeping busy, Steve! Looking forward to all this future Dandy work, too! Exciting times!

    • sjbeckettdesign said:

      Ah! I see what you’re doing Oliver. You’re trying to get me to say I drew Brassneck for the new Dandy book. Well I won’t say it… ooops I just did!

  2. Yes! I’ve always wanted to see your Brassneck! 😀

    – Harry Rickard

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