I don’t want a holiday in the sun!

Well back off hols and it’s nice to be back in the UK to the cold and damp. No, seriously, I don’t cope well in hot climes! Seeing as I’ve just been to Morocco and Gibraltar I need some time to cool down!

I did enjoy my time away though and I have come back fired up to get stuck into some new projects and that, for me, means pitching new ideas! This is never easy 😦

Anyway I’ve already sent off several new ideas to poor unsuspecting editors and now I’m nervously waiting on some feedback.

In the meantime here are a few clips from THIS WEEKS NEW DANDY!

The Incredible Sulk makes his final appearance this week, and Paddy wants to help his dad build a new shed.









Artwork © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd 2012

Garth Vader continues his reign of terror and this week uses one of my favourite dark lord quotes…











Artwork © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd 2012

Also here is a trailer for a new character who will soon make an appearance on the Crumbs! Comic page.
















So that’s all for now folks! I’ll get back to more twiddling of thumbs and wracking of brains.


1 comment
  1. simoncross said:

    loving that Garth Vader panel.

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