Kicking up a Stink!

Had some exciting news yesterday. Which came to me just when I needed it!
Freelancing by it’s very nature can take its toll when you realise all of a sudden that you haven’t had any money coming in for AGES!!! Aaaargh! What shall I do? Get a proper job! OH! THE HORROR!

Anyway, my nerves were settled somewhat yesterday with said exciting news. I will (all being well) be writing and drawing a couple of new regular comics for a well established boys magazine. I won’t spill the beans just yet, there is still quite a bit of ground work to be done before all systems are go on this, but I’ll keep you up to date with what I can, when I can.

For the time being it’s Dandy comic day again, and this weeks issue features one of my Madverts, this time lampooning the popular Nintendo game “Legend of Zelda”. Here’s STINK the Elf!













Artwork © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd.

Garth Vader tightens his grip on the rebel scum!












Artwork © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd.

So I’m pleased to say, I’ve got quite a bit of writing to be getting on with, so watch this space!
And behave yourself!

  1. Good thing you got that work lined up, since you’ll have lost any possible work with the Dandy.

  2. sjbeckettdesign said:

    I have to say that I can’t say for sure that all my Dandy work has ended.

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