Why do I have to explain the meaning of Occult to a six year old?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the type to call for stuff to be banned. I’m all for freedom of speech and expression.

But what I would like to know is who is responsible for commissioning and importing cartoon shows for kids on CITV? Why at 7.15am do I have to stop my son watching a cartoon supposedly about football (Inazuma 11 pictured) and explain to him what the meaning of the Occult is?

I have been aware of this trend for occult symbolism in cartoons, particularly in imported anime shows, but it was the blatent introduction of the Occult junior high team in Inazuma 11 that really riled me.

I guess most people aren’t bothered as long as the kids like it and the toy companies rake in the profits from kids pester power to mum and dad for the toys that tie into this crap. I’m not going to go off on a massive rant about religious and occult symbolism. I don’t know enough about it and briefly scanning the web for written reports about this stuff, I don’t want to be influenced by others and spout wacko religious rhetoric.

I do however believe that this symbolism holds power and I don’t want my kids watching cartoons and playing with toys that display symbols that the likes of Aleister Crowley would be happy to display on a silly hat!

Just stop and think about this. Can we have some cartoons that aren’t littered with this junk. It’s not big and it’s not clever! I want my kids to be able to watch and enjoy cool cartoon shows and not have to worry about their well being. Remember I’m talking about shows targeted at children here not adults.

If you want examples, well I’m not going to display anything here but a quick google search for anime and the occult will bring up a few examples,Yu Gi Oh, for instance appears to be one of the main offenders. I really don’t know what the motives are behind all this and whatever your view point is surely children’s cartoons and related play sets and toys are not the place for images relating to black magic.

  1. camcleod99 said:

    Really, a group of bad guys using Occult Powers to cheat and getting soundly thrashed by the good guys is the least of CITV’s problems unless Fleabag Monkeyface has suddenly become a shining pillar of children’s entertainment (and I hope to the all-powerful Atheismo it hasn’t),

    Isany thing that has heroes using magic suddenly not ok? ’cause that’s Occult too. Just call it “magic” any everyone’s ok with it?

    This is one of those “Manatee Ball” situations where ether it’s all OK to air or it’s not. If you are calling for the removal of a cartoon because badguys use occult powers (and they really don’t but that’s another rant for another time) then you best be calling for the removal of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, a good 75% of TV Programming ret large, Comic Books (unless superman’s Magic Alergy suddenly got better) and more besides.

  2. sjbeckettdesign said:

    Just to clarify. I am not calling for anything to be banned. And I don’t have a problem with magic being used as a narrative tool. I’m a big fan of Lord of the Rings. What is bothering me is these cartoons marketed towards young children are displaying on screen and on toys, real occult symbols that are used in actual occult and black magic practice. Not fictional made up stuff. It has it’s place and the place is not on prime time children’s TV.

  3. There’s an advert for the DS game Inazuma Eleven 2 on the back page of this week’s Beano (the anime is based on the first game, which has a 7 rating). The game is a 12 certificate and therefore it’s illegal for children under that age to buy the game!

  4. sjbeckettdesign said:

    Ultimately, I guess money talks. A sad state of affairs.

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