And….. Breathe!

Been a bit hectic of late. But now I’ve got a bit of breathing space, it’s time to catch up with some bloggage. Did you miss me?… No thought not! šŸ˜‰

So what’s been happening… Well I’m now a school run Mum! Yes, Mrs SJB Design has gone back to work after a somewhat extended maternity leave, and now with my flexibility as a freelance artist I have inherited the task of “doing the school run”!

Quite like it actually. Apart from having to carry my four year old to school on my shoulders every morning and being harassed by 6 year olds for not having any hair! šŸ˜¦

Hey! I was headhunted last week for a top secret job, which was nice. Can’t tell you what it is though which is rubbish! Needless to say it was ace fun, so hopefully all will be revealed in good time.

I’ve been mulling over the future of CRUMBS!Ā Which is beginning to take on a life of it’s own with some good publicity, especially for something that is very much in it’s infancy.

Down the Tubes reportedĀ here.

As part of the Save the Dandy debate, Crumbs! got a name check here at Comic book resources!

This has led me to consider Crumbs! as something of a real concern, so expect some exciting developments Ā on that front in the future. I’m also getting a little bit of interest from other creators wanting to get involved. So if that’s you too, please let me know.

I’m currently working on a couple of comic jobs. More Dandy annual stuff and a new series for a boys comic/mag, the first episode of which will appear in the shops on the 24th October. Which magazine? It’s.. this one. I’m really pleased with the series so far, some of my favourite work to date. I’ll announce the series a bit nearer the time.

I also want to add that over the last couple of years I have increasingly become known as an illustrator and comic creator which is brilliant! BUT did you know I have been a graphic designer for over 15 years? Well I STILL am, Ā and graphic design is a real passion of mine and an area I still regularly work in. So I’m going to blog a bit about some of the design work I’ve been doing recently and add some more work to my design portfolio online.Ā Watch this space!



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