Calamity James vs Big Eggo!

Sketched just for fun! Characters ©DC Thomson & Co. Ltd

  1. DC said:

    You do a great job on all these Beano characters, Steve! Will you be drawing any of them in the Beano? I certainly hope so!

  2. sjbeckettdesign said:

    No plans to as yet, but I would love to. I am working on some puzzles for the Beano at the moment so who knows.
    Thanks so much for your kind words.

  3. DC said:

    The Beano needs you Steve! I think you would be perfect to draw a sequeled General Jumbo strip with each part ending on a cliffhanger (a bit like Black Bob in the 2013 Dandy annual) or Jonah, or Fred’s Bed or anything really. After the Dandy ending, a lot of Dandy artists have started drawing for the Beano, and I think you should too. Your artwork would really make the Beano a lot better.

  4. sjbeckettdesign said:

    Thank you DC. I would love to work on a regular strip for the Beano. Any of the ones you suggested would be great fun. And I too would love to see Jumbo return. Thanks again for your support, lets hope the Beano feel they need me too!

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