The Beano Mootates!

Dennis and gang get pranked!

Dennis and gang get pranked!


Wow! Five months since my last post!

I’m happy to say that the reason why it’s been so long since I updated my blog is because I’ve been very busy working on The Beano weekly.
Having contributed to the weekly comic almost every issue since January it’s been quite a journey. Also an absolute blast, having the opportunity to regularly draw Dennis and Gnasher and their supporting cast in a whole host of features, puzzles, make-it’s and comic strips.

art ©DC Thomson & Co Ltd

Justice is served! Gnash! Gnash!

I’ve been drawing Gnasher a lot and I am currently drawing him in the guise of ‘The Bone Ranger’, in a 6 part mini strip.

This weeks issue of The Beano (out today) is a rather special one for me, not only do I have a double page Dennis and Gnasher Pranks spread alongside The Bone Ranger, this week also sees the debut of my new full page strip ‘Mega Mega Mootants’. This is the first comic in which I have created the characters and written and drawn a full page comic strip for the Beano! It’s also my favourite work so far!

I’ve also been writing and drawing lots of stuff for next years Beano annual and The Dandy Annual too!

It looks like regular contributions to The Beano are set to continue, I certainly hope so. So check out The Beano this week and let me know what you think! I’ll try and update a bit more often too!


art ©DC Thomson & Co Ltd

Meet the Mootants! Über Udder, Bullistic and Pint Size.


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